Grey on grey on black.

Yesterday was just another day at work, right now I'm just trying to finish all my school work, then after that, NY & Paris!

I am still on the hunt for an amazing winter coat, so I need suggestions!


This bodysuit is a tad bit 'Single Ladies.'

This post is like 4 days overdue, it's from Friday on another uni day. I also wore this polo top the next day at work with a big, Audrey-Hepburn style skirt and I've never had so many compliments in one day, to conclude, they love me...


90's throwback lip.

So as well as being completely immersed in everything fashion, I did mention that I've become quite the beauty enthusiast, me & my friend have begun to create makeup lists for when we get to NY. It's quite a serious task, I wake up, Youtube, before I go to sleep, Youtube, it's so fun when you find a new product and then you just become obsessed with it. I've bought some other stuff too but I've already used it and since I'm on such a lip kick at the moment, I just decided to feature these things. 


Bourgeois salope: My quest for Kimmy K perfection

On Saturday one of my colleagues couldn't decide whether I looked more like Carine or Kim K, I was going for the latter but he was convinced I was Carine, I think it had to be more fitted for it to be a Kim K look. Then another one of my colleagues who I had roped into taking these pictures was so not enthusiastic at first, but by the end of it however, he was committed to the role, he was like "pretend you're on your phone (complete with iPhone in hand) ... don't look at me but look at me." 


Autumn leaves.

Yesterday was yet another casual school day, I had uni the whole day & then went to my friend's leaving drinks. My friend Myra actually took these pictures, funny story actually, she had commented on one of my posts way before we started uni, then looking over my blog, I found the comment again and was like "OMG, she knew we were meant to be before I even did!" We're actually sharing rooms on our school trip to New York and I can't explain how excited we both are, I need to restrain myself because I have already made a list of things I want to buy... Myra help.