If you're lucky enough, you can catch the sun at the exact time it is about to set, it goes from this bright orange glow to a dark pink haze. 

Back to my usual uni uniform of shirts & ripped jeans, I'm promising to be more adventurous this year.


Double denim dipping.

The last 3 days have been exhausting to say the least, when I'm not as school, I'm thinking about school, or doing work for school, when I'm not thinking about that, I'm thinking about all the other stuff I want to do & have yet to. Maybe it's because the new year is coming & I just want to start it well, which is always a good idea.

Literally have been waiting for these photos to upload for foreva, I am aiming to have exactly 7 hours sleep because I have a photoshoot in the morning & work for 9 hours straight after that, an idle mind is the devil's workshop & all that...


NY minute.

I realise I probably should explain my absence, I've moved to New  York! I'm just lying, I finally went on the school trip that I've been talking about for months! It was so amazing, I was so surprised at how much of New York I still remembered. It was an extra, extra, extra special time because it was Thanksgiving but also because I got to witness so many passionate, young people protesting all over New York about the Michael Brown case. 

I focused on buying makeup and skin care products because I have decided to transition into the makeup and beauty industry, I'm looking forward to taking some classes in the next month.


Enough of the beauty already.

I have recently been on such a lipstick kick the past like 3 few weeks, it's not even funny. Like there are some days when I wake up with product names in my head and I'm like, "stop, go away" (I'm totally lying). Everything leads to New York though, like it's all I can think about, I dream of walking in Ulta & Sephora and just taking it all home with me. It is getting a little out of control, I have 3 pages worth of lists. I've put myself on a Youtube ban for the next week, I have a deadline today at school and one next Friday, I want to focus on those and get those out of the way, then next weekend I'm travelling to Coventry and by the time I'm back it will be time to go, give or take 8 days...

These are some of the things I've recently bought, they're the Gerard Cosmetics lip glosses, obsessed, the formula is one I didn't expect, much better than a regular lipgloss. I also got a Lush face mask which I traded in for 5 empty tubs, I've decided to try 'Ayesha,' it's meant to be really good for brightening your complexion. Last is a Lime Crime lipstick in 'Salem,' I am sooooooo excited about this like you have no idea, have wanted this for this whole year and I don't know why it's taken me so long to get it.



Burnt out, I'm convinced of this, I've been so tired and just randomly unwell then well again for the past week, I'm trying to take my vitamins everyday but I'm not that good at remembering however I am getting much better. Sometimes thinking of all the things you still have to do can alter your state of mind. Perhaps my body is working me to death so I can truly rest at the end of the year when I go away. My outfit today - just a simple tee and jeans combo - is somewhat of a juxtaposition to the many thoughts going off in my head.