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Shoes / River Island

I've MISSED You Guys, Oh My Gosh, I Promise To Never Leave Again, I'm Kind Of Surprised At How Busy I Have Been These Past Few Weeks. I Am Beyond Excited Though Because I Start School In 2 Weeks! I Literally Wanna Do A Happy Dance, I'm So Excited, I Can't Wait To Just Roll Up With My Notepad & Pens In Hand, Ready To Learn... Okay, I Need To Stop. I Guess I'm Excited That I'm Finally Going To Be Studying Just About Fashion & The People In My Classes Will Be Just Like Me! Oh My Goodness, What A World. You Know How Every New School Year, Everyone Is Like "I'm Gonna Do Better This Year, I'm Gonna Do Homework, Be Good..." & A Week Later, You're Just Like "LOL No," I Fully Intend To Carry It Through, You Know That Annoying Kid, Always On Time, Got All The Work Done, That's Gonna Be Me.

 I've Honestly Enjoyed My Gap Year & Unfortunately It's Coming To An End! I Still Have 2 Weeks Left To Just Make The Most Of It & That's Exactly What I Intend To Do! If You Guys Have Any Idea Of Some Amazing Things I Should Do Before This Year Ends, Let Me Know!

Is Anyone Else Excited To Go Back To School? Please Say Yes...


  1. Really love this look. Also short hair really suits you :)Honestly I am so ready for school...so over the summer I just cannot wait.

    -Dominique xx


  2. the crisp white shirt is classic! such a clean look especially with minimal gold jewelry


  3. Baby blue boyfriend jeans are the ultimate. I wear mine religiously.. so obviously I love this outfit!

    x Sharday

    P.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog

    Shardette Blog

  4. The white top and the yellow nail polish really makes the outfit look elegant! Love love love !
    You've also taken these pictures in my local area, that's so cool!

    Hope you can check out my blog, stylingfaithfully.blogspot.co.uk


  5. l am a HUGE fan of your cut-outs! Looking chic yet punk-ish.

    Georgi A


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